Vidigami Insights provides our school admins with information on user activation and activity. To access Insights, go to the Admin page and select the Insights tab.


Currently, Insights consists of two sections:   

  • School Overview
  • User Analytics


School Overview


School Overview generates reports on two key metrics related to user activation.


% Activated Users refers to the number of registered/enrolled users who have been invited to join Vidigami and have activated their account.  

% of Family Coverage represents the percentage of families with one or more members who have activated their Vidigami account.  

User Analytics

User Analytics generates weekly and monthly reports on user activity in the system.  

Date Selector


Within the Insights tab, Admins can see activity results over the last 7 days, as indicated by the green highlighted button at the right side of the screen.

To see results from past months, click on the month selector located at the right of the date selector. A list of available months will appear. When you select a specific month, data for that time period will be updated and displayed.  

User Ranking


User Ranking provides a report on who is using Vidigami the most.  

  • Media Uploads: The top 5 users who uploaded the most content
  • Face Tagging: The top 5 users who tagged the most faces


User Activity

User Activity provides a line graph displaying  the progress regarding:

  • Number of successful activations
  • Number of active users in the system
  • Number of uploads
  • Number of downloads


Display Controls

Filter by User Type

Each graph displays data for 3 user types: Students, Staff, and Parents.  You can tailor the graph display by simply clicking on the corresponding checkbox.


Shrink and Zoom


Screen_Shot_2018-01-29_at_4.14.38_PM__2_.pngTo get more data resolution from your graph, you may zoom in and out by using the range control located below each graph. The date range of the graph is defined by the blue rectangle area located immediately under the graph. You may zoom in or out by shrinking or stretching the gray handles at each end of the rectangle.

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    Alan Mcinnes

    This is a fabulous addition and I know that we will find it to be very useful.


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