Uploading Photos

Uploading photos can be done from anywhere in the app by pressing the upload button on the lower right corner of the screen.

Select if you want to take a photo using the camera or to upload a photo from your image library.

Once you press the button you will access your camera roll. You can select the photos you want to upload to Vidigami.


Once you press the “select” button,  you will choose where you would like to upload your photo.


You can also create a new album  in the selected group by pressing the “Create Album” icon,  [+]



Choose an Album name and the date of the album.


Press “Upload” to complete the process.

 Just a quick note, most users have full control over Vidigami when they login to a desktop web browser, like easily accessing and managing content within their account. While the mobile app is more favorable for on-the-go users who wants to quickly upload and or view their school photos.
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