Custom Roles

Custom roles are a great way to give specific users special abilities to help them do more in Vidigami.

 Administrators can create custom roles.

Go to the Roles page in the admin section




Vidigami now provides administrators with the ability to create custom roles.
We will continue to provide our default roles:
  • The user has access to all features and functionality including the multi select tool which enables batch download.


  • This user has control of all groups, albums, and tags but does not have access to the admin page.
  • This is our default role. All users are created with this role. With this role, you can view all relevant content, upload new images and apply tags.
  • This role allows the user access to Vidigami and can view relevant content but is unable to contribute to the content. 
No Access
  • This user has an activated account but does not have access to that specific school year/ season.
Custom Permissions

The administrator can now use each of these default roles as a base line and add and remove permissions to create custom roles.

See what each permission means:
Permissions Descriptions
Upload Photos User can upload photos to albums they have access to


  •  The member who uploads the photo has the ability to delete the photo
Tag Faces User has the ability to tag faces of member via the Lightbox
Manage Tags User can create and delete tags to be used by other for each school year
Manage Shared Sets User can create and delete shared sets, as well as add and remove photos from the shared set


  • Shared sets must be enabled for this role to have access to shared sets (Manage Groups role can enable shared sets)
Manage Roles User can create custom roles for the school year


  • Only the Manage enrollment permission can give access to custom roles
Manage Members User can add, remove and assign roles to members of any group
Manage Groups Users can publish/un-publish albums, lock/unlock albums, set album as featured, has access to settings and is able to create and delete any group


  • If this permission has been set within a group as opposed to the enrollment page, then the user can not create and group or delete any other groups
Manage Report Photos User can confirm flag to remove photos or restore photos to the album
Manage Enrollments User has access to the admin tool. User can add other users, Launch, Send activation emails and reminders, Edit User profiles and Remove user from school year
Manage Albums User can edit settings for each album and can move photos between albums within the school year
Download Photos User can download single photos from the Lightbox
Delete Albums and Photos User can Delete Albums and Photos
Create Albums User can create new albums within group
Apply Tags Allows user to apply or remove a tag from a Group, Album or Photo that has previously been created
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