Create a Photo Product Directly from the Lightbox

  • Open an image from the Lightbox and click on the Order button.
  • You can now select any product from Vidigami list of products.

  • On clicking “Prints” you will be directly taken to the order page where you can select the Size, Finish and Quantity. 

  • You can also add more photos to your print by selecting them from the photo directory
  • You can now click on the “+” sign to Add more photos into your print
  • After setting up you go to the checkout page where you can select the number of copies, cancel the order or save the order.
  • To finalize your order fill in your billing and shipping information

If Vidigami shop is available in your school you can create personalized products through the Vidigami Shop. To create a product you can do one of the following things:

Please Note: SHOP, Cart and Order History are only visible if Vidigami Shop is enabled.

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