Photo Lightbox

The lightbox is the display that lets you see the photo in more detail. The light box has a number of features that lets you access to more information about the photo and actions you may want to do with the photo. The lightbox Features are:


    1. Album Title: Displays the album the photo is in.


  • Uploaded Info: Displays, user who uploaded the photo and the date it was uploaded.


    • Like Button: This action will add the photo to your liked photos
    • Tag Faces: Lets you tag faces in the photo of any vidigami child or staff so that they and their parents can see them. (For more information go to link)
    • Order Button: Selects Photo to be used in the Vidigami shop. Activates Vidigami shop. (For more information go to link)


  • More Info Button: Shows photo Details like, Name, Dimensions (in pixels) and Tags.


    • Add to set Button: Adds Photo to a set, a shared set or create a new set.


  • Download Button: Lets you download the photo that is currently displayed in the lightbox.  
  • More functions button:
  • Rotate Right / Left: rotates a photo 90 degrees to the desired direction.


    • Flags Button: Reports photo to administrators if it’s not appropriate. (For more information go to link)
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