Create New Album


  • Any user with the contributor role can create albums
  • Creating a new album is easy: go to the group you want to create the album and click the button titled “New Album.”



Add Album Details

  • Contributors can only create the album with a few details like Album Name, Album Date/mark it as Year-round.


  • Admins and managers have much more control over the album settings. Apart from the above fields, they can additionally add:
    • Album Description
    • Groups



Adding an Album to more than 1 Group

  • If the album you created involves multiple groups of people in different Groups (eg: more than 1 class or grade) you can add the Groups to the album so that it can now exist in all the Groups you have added. The content in the Group is co-owned by all the members of the associated Groups.




  • Search for the Group you want to add by typing the Group name. Select the Group from the drop-down. If you don’t remember the name, you can also use the Advanced Search to search using tags, categories, group names etc to filter the list of Groups.


Choose a Good Name

  • It will help with navigation and organization of your school’s Vidigami site and will provide a good context for end-of-year keepsakes. Use specific, descriptive, and meaningful terms to make it easy for everyone to keep things organized.
  • For instance, “October” is too broad for an album title – users would upload all types of photos (e.g., sports events, parties, school trips, etc.), making categorization and navigation more complex. “Halloween” is a more specific title – a “Halloween” album would include very specific photos tied to a specific event.


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