Why are some images not displaying from my iOS 11 device?

Apple devices such as iPhone 7 and iPad Pro have recently updated how images from iOS 11 are captured and stored. By default, images are now stored as HEIC (High Efficiency Image) files.

The developer community was not advised of this update and, as a result, 3rd party applications like Vidigami are unable to display HEIC images as they are currently not a recognized file format.

What happens to HEIC images that have already been uploaded to Vidigami?

Currently, any images already uploaded in the HEIC format will not be lost. Instead, Vidigami will work towards converting these HEIC files to standard JPEGs Meanwhile, to prevent more HEIC files from being added, Vidigami encourages iOS 11 users of iPhone 7+ and the iPad Pro to edit the the camera settings on their device to default to JPEGs, instead of HEIC. To disable HEIC on your device, simply go to Settings > Camera > Formats > Most Compatible. On the desktop, HEIC images may be exported from Apple Photos as standard JPEGs for upload.

What if a user does not change their device settings?

Updating camera settings outlined above will ensure that images are stored as JPEGs and that the images uploaded to Vidigami displays correctly. If a user does not change their device settings, the HEIC images uploaded into Vidigami will need to be converted into JPEGs. This process can not be implemented in real-time so the display of these images prior to conversion will appear blank (black). To minimize conversions in Vidigami, it is recommended that images are stored as JPEGs.  

What’s the next step?

Solutions are now actively being developed to support this update. We anticipate a proliferation of iOS 11 devices to begin appearing in November as adoption increases. As mentioned above, Vidigami has already developed a solution to accommodate HEIC files for the time being, but the conversion of these files will not be in real-time. Vidigami is committed to working with the developer community towards standardizing an optimal solution for supporting HEIC images.

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