When I need to update Host IDs on a CSV file, data changes in Excel or Pages. What should I do?

If you are an existing school, you may wish to update your user and group IDs for the new school year. If you export a CSV file from Vidigami, and open it in Excel or Numbers, you may notice that they have been changed. This is because they are getting reformatted by the editor. Often, this issue occurs when entries are composed entirely of numbers. In this case, if your Host IDs have leading zeros (e.g. 0003421), Excel or Numbers may automatically misinterpret and change that entry to a different kind of value (e.g. general number, date, currency).

In order to ensure that your data stays the same, we recommend using Excel to make any modifications to Host IDs. Follow the steps below:

1. If your Host IDs are reformatted when you open the CSV in Excel, you will simply need to Import the CSV into the editor by opening File > Import.


2. Make sure to select CSV file before finding your file.


3. Search for the CSV file you downloaded from Vidigami, and select Get Data.


4. This will open the Text Import Wizard. Before selecting Next, ensure that your settings match the images below:



5. In Step 3 of 3 in the Text Import Wizard, make sure to set the Column data format to Text. Then, select Finish.


6. Select the column where you wish to format the data (in this case, you will need to select your Host IDs column only). Then, select OK.


7. Your data will now be restored to its original format.


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