What happens if user information (e.g. student emails, parent information) is changed during the school year?

User ID’s can always be changed using the Update Host ID Import List. All members of Vidigami can always change their email address at any time. All they will need to do is change their email address from their My Account page. If they do not wish to change their email address they can continue to access vidigami using their old email address.


Note: when a user changes their user email from their Vidigami profile, it will not change their login information. Users can continue using vidigami with their old credentials until they change them through their account page.  DH: this is technically incorrect. If a user updates their my address it will be via “my account” and that will be their new login. If they update their email address for correspondence via the school then that will only update for school records and will not affect their login credentials.

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