Mobile 2.2 | November 14, 2016 (App Store)

New Features

  • Face tagging You can now tag an image from your mobile device. All you have to do is tap to view the photo in full screen and select the “Face Tag” option. Once you are in the face tagging mode, you can tap the face box and type the name required for the tag and tap the name to select it. You will see all tags when selecting the “Face Tag”, to view the image with out the tags you can disable the tagging mode be selecting the “Face Tag” button a second time.
  • Delete face tag You can delete a face tag if you created the tag. To delete a tag on mobile all you need to do is select the face tagging mode whilst viewing the image and tap on the tag. You will see the “x” appear. Once you select the “x” the tag will be removed.
  • Download Photo You can save an image from Vidigami and it will be stored on your handheld device. To do this all you need to do is select the “…” button when you are viewing an image in full screen, then select the “Download” option from the menu. Please note that not all roles have permission to download from Vidigami.
  • Add to “My Set”  You can now add an image to a “My Set” by selecting the “…” button when you are viewing a photo in full screen, then select “Add to Set” from the menu. At this point, you can choose to add to an existing set or you can choose to create a new set.
  • Remove photo from a set To remove a photo added to a set all you have to do is select the “…” menu option when viewing the full-screen image from with in the set. Choose the “Remove from set” menu option.
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