Release | 21 September, 2015


The Vidigami Release gives schools more control and ownership over user invitations and permissions. With this release, Admin users can manage all their school’s Users in the Enrolments section of the Vidigami app.  


What’s New?

School Admin Users can now: 

  • Add/Remove Staff and Student Users for each School Year
  • Change User Role types
  • Add Users to multiple Groups (ie Grades, Teams, Clubs)
  • Search for any User in the system
  • Invite multiple Users (in batch) to access Vidigami for the current school year
  • Preview system-generated Invitation emails before they are sent to Users
  • Resend Activation emails reminders to Users not yet activated


What Changed?

  • “No Role” has been renamed to “No Access”

Bug Fixes

  • Albums can no longer be moved to a group containing the same album name.
  • Fixed corporate messaging to reflect current mobile support.
  • Grad year for student is displayed on Enrollment page
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